AIRBIZ (Aviation Services Worldwide) is a global provider of Flight Operations Support services to Airlines, Corporate Aircraft operators, Aircraft Ferry companies and the General Aviation community.

AIRBIZ (Aviation Services Worldwide) is a global company incorporated in Pakistan in 1993. We have grown to become one of the major providers of Flight Operations Support services to the Aviation Industry.

AIRBIZ (Aviation Services Worldwide) will be looking at new Technologies for the future Flight Operations department, as well as the requirements of the Flight Crews, with an emphasis on ensuring a continuing high level of Customer Service and Support. Following our mission, to be recognized as a reliable partner in aviation support services, we selected a team of highly motivated, young, but skilled professionals with many years of valuable experience from different airline or aviation companies.

We look forward to being of assistance with your Flight Operations requirements in the near future. We can assure you that our Professional and Qualified staff will do their utmost to provide high quality customer Support and Service.

We can assist your Operations group by providing Flight Planning, global Weather data, Domestic and International NOTAM's, Overflight and Landing clearances, Aviation Fuel, Flight Watch, Flight Following and a number of other Flight Operations Support services.

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